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The town of Banská Bystrica

The history of this town began with coal and gold mining. In 1255 it acquired royal privileges. Historical houses which belonged to wealthy townsmen are considered the most precious renaissance buildings in Slovakia. SNP square with its pedestrian plaza creates the heart of the town. In summer it is full of Slovak and foreign tourists relaxing in open restaurant and coffee bars with outdoor terraces. There are many interesting historical sites which you can visit in this area; the Castle in Ľupča, Barbakan in Banská Bystrica, Zvolen castle, the restored ruins of Pustý castle, the gothic church in Poniky, the baroque wooden church in Hronsek, the renaissance, baroque manor houses surrounding Banska Bystrica, Zvolen and Brezno, miners houses in Špania valley, the wooden structures in Horehronie etc. As it is a real tourist attraction we can’t forget the restored forest railroad in Čierny Balog.


For those wishing to explore the area we can recommend visiting Low Tatras, karst geological formations in Harmanecká cave, mountains of Veľká Fatra or primeval forest of Badín in the foothills of Kremnické Hills. You can take a tourist trail on each hill, valley, forest or meadow. The most stunning tourist routes are to be discovered in KremnickéHills, Slovenské Rudohorie or Low Tatras.

This area is also famous for a vast number of healing springs which were the reason for building high-quality spas in Kováčová, Sliač and Brusno.

When the land is covered by snow, there are numerous possibilities for skiers in sky resorts: smaller ones (Králiky, Tajov or Malachov) or bigger and well-known resorts (Donovaly, Mýto pod Ďumbierom, Krížna, Jasná).

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